Sunday, December 26, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye 2010...

Four more days to kiss year 2010 goodbye and welcome a brand new year 2011. Looking back, 2010 has been a challenging year with its fair share of ups and downs but it has indeed equipped us with so much valuable "bunny lessons". This is the driving force that motivates us to improve Pines Rabbit for the year to come.

Here is a list of Pines Rabbit's new year resolution:

1) To breed stunning Holland Lops and contribute to the pool of QUALITY Holland Lops in Malaysia
2) To make new friends in this hobby
3) To acquire more knowledge about Holland Lops
4) To share our rabbit knowledge and experience with others and grow together
5) To rock MROA and participate in rabbit activities
Last but not least,
6) Support ethical breeding of our furry bun friends

At present, we are upgrading our rabbitry and are still waiting anxiously for our holland lop to reach Malaysia. If all is well, they should be here sometime this week. Below are some photos to share:

Blue otter Jr buck. like the cute package. Well can't really judge now. Just have to wait for his arrival.

Broken Opal Jr doe. Like the head and ear of this princess. Hopefuly she is nice.

And of course, Toto. He has not only just completed his molting cycle, he also just changed his title from junior to senior! However, his crown is still molting. It will be coming up nicely. Will update his photo later. But for now... meet Toto on his new litter box!

Happy New year to all!!!

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