Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An email to local breeders of pure breed rabbit

Dear rabbit breeders,

You must be surprised to receive this email from us. Firstly, allow us to introduce ourselves. Golden Pines Rabbitry is a small home-based rabbitry. We practice and support ethical rabbit breeding programs and also promote and educate others on responsible rabbit ownership. Of course, we breed rabbits as domestic pets and NOT to be ended up on a plate or a hot pot of yummy rabbit stew as someone else’s meal.

Our purpose is to establish a link among all local breeders to share expertise and experiences in raising rabbits in order to bring this hobby to higher levels as all of us are liken to a lone ranger at present. We work to breed quality rabbits in our own “secret lab”, trying to surpass each and other in offering nice rabbits to the local market. Some have taken the extra mile to import rabbits from overseas while a few have joined ARBA and have their rabbitry registered. This is a positive sign. Local breeders are now more educated about rabbits and are going for quality over quantity by breeding according to ARBA standard of perfection. Bravo!
We could foresee in the near future, there would be many nice and pure breed rabbits of good bloodline in Malaysia. Besides, we could keep our fingers crossed for more rabbit shows and events on our shore. Now isn’t that something?

Now, everyone has worked so hard and invested so much to bring in quality pure breeds to our shore. Surely we hope our efforts and investments would not go in vain. But to be able to produce quality rabbits and maintaining certain standards in the herd, bloodline itself cannot do the entire job. We need to have the knowledge and experiences to achieve such. Anyone could start a rabbitry but a lonely quest has its limit.

We consider Pines Rabbit a newbie. There are so many things about rabbit that dumbfound us at times. But if we have a platform to share our knowledge and experience, this would definitely benefit everyone. Besides, we could increase the market share by having more hobbyists and a larger pool of stocks to share or exchange in improving our herd. On top of that, we could abolish the present monopolized market. That hampers the emergence of a healthy competition. So we shall see how things progress. Or perhaps someone can take the first move to suggest how to proceed to the next step?

Last but not least, we hope you breeders could respond to this by providing a brief introduction of yourself and some information about your rabbitry.

Since we initiated this, so let us be the first to start.

As mentioned at the start, we are a small home-based rabbitry. We started with mix breeds and after gaining some experiences we now aim to focus on pure breeds and, for the time being, it would be raising pure Holland Lops. At present, we are upgrading our barn. Hopefully some nice Holland Lops will come our way. Then we can start trading with others to widen the Holland lop gene pool. By the way, we also blog about rabbit. So if you have time, please visit http://pines-rabbit.blogspot.com/ you will be able to see some of our rabbits and some information sharing there.

Thank you

Brandon & Grace

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