Rabbit Essentials

Cream for external application to cure skin problem such as dandruff, itching, flea bites dermatitis, eczema and etc.

Eye solution to clean the eyes and to help cure eye infection.

Ivermectin with syringe and alcohol swabs to cure skin problems such as fur mites, scabies and etc.

Note: For breeders only. Breeders can only administer to their own rabbits. They are not allowed to administer to other people's rabbit. Pet owners are advised to visit a qualified vet to have their pet administered with this injection.

Anti-fungal cream 

Antiseptic cream for cuts or wounds.

Bayticol for cleaning of cages and surrounding areas to kill off mites and others patogen effectively.
Note: Do not use on rabbit directly because it is poisonous! Unless you have the right dosage.

Safe toys for rabbit - recycled toilet paper core and plastic ball with bell

Grooming set to maintain good fur and nails condition.

Hay rack to hold up the hay so that the rabbit will not mess up the hay

Water feeder and D-cup bowl

Safe vege - sweet potato leaves or known as "fan shu miu" in Cantonese, We planted these at the backyard and  fertilized it with our rabbit droppings. It is harvested every 2 weeks for the rabbits.

Healthy treat and conditioner for rabbits

Organic spray to prevent mites and promote overall health

Tattooing kits

Carpet for posing rabbit

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