Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wolves in sheep clothing

To all my bunny friends,

Today, I would like to share an unpleasant experience with one of the local rabbit businessman/women in acquiring an imported Holland Lop (HL).

Before Chinese New Year I came across a pretty HL which was advertised for sale by this renowned Chinese ND rabbit breeder who also sells and acts as agent of HL imports. The price quoted was really expensive but I was told that the HL has a leg. It is just that the winning was not written on the pedigree. Also, I was told that the rabbit was purchased through their friend who is their agent in US. This agent would get rabbits from other US breeders and then import them to Malaysia. Interestingly, they even boast about their ability of getting their hands on rabbits from good breeders who may not have the intentions of selling or importing their rabbits overseas. I was really taken aback by what they told me.

Anyway, initially they told me that they can provide me with the updated pedigree. But later they told me that they will need to get the updated one from the original breeder in USA. So after much consideration, I decided to make the purchase while waiting for them to obtain the original/ updated pedigree. Well, it has been months since I had asked this rabbit businessman/women for the pedigree but they never give a definite answer. The last I approached them for the pedigree, they told me that there was no leg at all for my HL. They said IT WAS A MISTAKE and that they have not received the pedigree which had been sent from US. They told me that the original pedigree was missing! That was really lame. These businessman/ women is a CHEAT, A LIAR, and AN UNSCRUPULOUS in their dealings! I then decided to stop talking to them and want nothing to do with such people. There is no point talking to someone who has the intention of reaching their dirty hands into your pocket by ill means like lying and don't keep their word. Always beating around the bush.

I would prefer not to reveal the name of this rabbit businessman/women as I don't want to be seen as someone who is trying to bring others down or bad mouthing others. So, to my bunny friends out there, please be very careful when dealing with agents/breeders/rabbit sellers especially nowadays when there is a sudden increased in the numbers of rabbit breeders and importers. They sing the same song but their heart intend is different. So beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

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