Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malaysia's 1st and 2nd ARBA Sanctioned shows

The much anticipated 1st and 2nd ARBA Sanctioned shows in the country come and gone. It was a full day event starting from morning till evening with 2 ARBA Sanctioned shows and one for the local rabbit. It was nice of Randy and Allen who obligingly judged these local mix breeds. These local rabbits were spared from being judged by the SOP for there was none for this category. Instead, the rabbits were judged based on other criteria and physical characteristics.

There was a lot of hype and buzz in the cyber rabbit community months before the arrival of these 2 ARBA judges who made history in the local rabbit scene. It was a golden opportunity for the money minded to make a quick buck (possible a fortune) by encouraging locals to import rabbit for the show. Some even had agent overseas to get rabbits from the national shows in US to Malaysia. The worst is having the audacity to brag about how they (through the US agent) could get nice rabbits from US breeders who would not even sell their rabbits or ship their rabbits to a foreign land. These poor US breeders are only interested to lend a helping hand to the genuine in the hobby. Sad but true, the US breeders had been cheated and are clueless of the whereabouts of little thumper. Just because of fame and money, one could stoop so low and compromise their principles in life. Sigh! Hey, aren’t we all University graduates or at least had obtained a certain level of education!?! Shame on you!

Notably, the number of home breeders in this country increased and proliferated in a country where many still thinks we live on trees. Well, every now and then, a new rabbitry is born. Mr. Ali Thambi Lee is no longer being addressed by his name but “xxxx Rabbitry”. An identity and a whole new look for the rabbitry, creating brand awareness for marketing purposes.

Still, majority are at the beginner-learner stage. Like a babe, we take tiny steps and take things one at a time. Those who try to be hero are in for a suicidal move. It is good to study the mechanics of a system before taking the plunge without proper understanding and knowledge on the subject matter. A single breed of rabbit is actually a study on its own!

Now, let us not digress…

Back to the show, we were not too keen to participate and had decided to forgo this show. There were several contributing factors to our decision. Here, we would like to divulge one of the reasons.

Firstly, this imported rabbit business has just started and it would take sometime for this whole thing to take off and a little time to build our line. Sure, earning another leg for the already leg-loaded GC rabbit proves you had made the right purchase decision, knowing that your mini fortune worth every penny. But, do you not want to know the standing of your home-grown? How close you are to the SOP when you had bred to the best of your knowledge and belief. And probably bring home a title for your humble little home-grown. So a rather lengthy post will come to an end with these food for thought.

There are many factors that would set apart the differences between the imported rabbit and the homegrown. Clearly, they are of 2 separate leagues and each a unique class its own - the imported rabbit and the homegrown.

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