Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Dessert

The year ends with a bunch of pretty decent Holland Lops of US bloodline arriving in Malaysia on a rainy Wednesday evening. Correction. A victorious soccer Wednesday which brought joy to the nation with the declaration of our PM for an additional public holiday on the last working day of the year. Thank you, Mr. PM! (It would be a bonus if CNY eve is a PH too) *wink*

Anyway,this shipment came just in time to celebrate the dawn of sparkling new year which brings new hopes, joys and dreams to our humble rabbittry.

Prior to the arrival of the rabbits, Pines husbandman meticulously set up the cages with mesh-wire flooring, feeder and all other stuffs that are necessary keep the rabbit comfortable after a long journey.

This is our checklist:
- 2ft Cages carefully lined with mesh-wire flooring so that the feet of the little ones will be comfortable...
- Litter-box
- Feeder
- Water bottle
- Timothy Hay
- Nutridrops

Here is a picture of the set up

Then we waited for our Holland Lops to touch down at 8.20pm.

At 9pm+ we reached the airport. It did not occur to us the many procedures to follow in order to pick-up the rabbits. It was a race against time for certain department closes at 11pm and failing to obtain a green light, you would not be able to proceed to the next level and have to go home empty handed. It is liken to a game, getting pass one level after another to emerge as a champion and the trophy is bringing home the rabbits! So even though we did not win $1,000,000,000.00 but at the end of the game, we could go home with our rabbits and it was worth the experience.

This is how the rabbits looked like in the shipping box. Mind you, the box is heavy.

Save and sound

A sweet ending for year 2010.

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