Monday, July 26, 2010

Pines Rabbit - raising happy and healthy rabbits

The thought of starting a blog on rabbits had been bugging us a couple of months now and after much deliberation, we finally took a bit of time from our hectic schedule (juggling a 9-6 job, printing venture, family and of course our rabbits) to post our 1st blog entry.

Here, we would like to share our joy of raising rabbits, pictures of our bunnies and our bunny little thoughts.

We may not be very knowledgeable in raising rabbits but experience is a good teacher. Thus, postings here are primarily our personal views and opinions. We welcome comments or feedbacks that are beneficial to all “bunny people” and exchange of ideas to improve ways of caring dear thumper.

We also may not be posting entries everyday but we would try to make time for new postings at least once a week.

We truly hope you will enjoy reading our posts and have a binky day! :)