Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malaysia's 1st and 2nd ARBA Sanctioned shows

The much anticipated 1st and 2nd ARBA Sanctioned shows in the country come and gone. It was a full day event starting from morning till evening with 2 ARBA Sanctioned shows and one for the local rabbit. It was nice of Randy and Allen who obligingly judged these local mix breeds. These local rabbits were spared from being judged by the SOP for there was none for this category. Instead, the rabbits were judged based on other criteria and physical characteristics.

There was a lot of hype and buzz in the cyber rabbit community months before the arrival of these 2 ARBA judges who made history in the local rabbit scene. It was a golden opportunity for the money minded to make a quick buck (possible a fortune) by encouraging locals to import rabbit for the show. Some even had agent overseas to get rabbits from the national shows in US to Malaysia. The worst is having the audacity to brag about how they (through the US agent) could get nice rabbits from US breeders who would not even sell their rabbits or ship their rabbits to a foreign land. These poor US breeders are only interested to lend a helping hand to the genuine in the hobby. Sad but true, the US breeders had been cheated and are clueless of the whereabouts of little thumper. Just because of fame and money, one could stoop so low and compromise their principles in life. Sigh! Hey, aren’t we all University graduates or at least had obtained a certain level of education!?! Shame on you!

Notably, the number of home breeders in this country increased and proliferated in a country where many still thinks we live on trees. Well, every now and then, a new rabbitry is born. Mr. Ali Thambi Lee is no longer being addressed by his name but “xxxx Rabbitry”. An identity and a whole new look for the rabbitry, creating brand awareness for marketing purposes.

Still, majority are at the beginner-learner stage. Like a babe, we take tiny steps and take things one at a time. Those who try to be hero are in for a suicidal move. It is good to study the mechanics of a system before taking the plunge without proper understanding and knowledge on the subject matter. A single breed of rabbit is actually a study on its own!

Now, let us not digress…

Back to the show, we were not too keen to participate and had decided to forgo this show. There were several contributing factors to our decision. Here, we would like to divulge one of the reasons.

Firstly, this imported rabbit business has just started and it would take sometime for this whole thing to take off and a little time to build our line. Sure, earning another leg for the already leg-loaded GC rabbit proves you had made the right purchase decision, knowing that your mini fortune worth every penny. But, do you not want to know the standing of your home-grown? How close you are to the SOP when you had bred to the best of your knowledge and belief. And probably bring home a title for your humble little home-grown. So a rather lengthy post will come to an end with these food for thought.

There are many factors that would set apart the differences between the imported rabbit and the homegrown. Clearly, they are of 2 separate leagues and each a unique class its own - the imported rabbit and the homegrown.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wolves in sheep clothing

To all my bunny friends,

Today, I would like to share an unpleasant experience with one of the local rabbit businessman/women in acquiring an imported Holland Lop (HL).

Before Chinese New Year I came across a pretty HL which was advertised for sale by this renowned Chinese ND rabbit breeder who also sells and acts as agent of HL imports. The price quoted was really expensive but I was told that the HL has a leg. It is just that the winning was not written on the pedigree. Also, I was told that the rabbit was purchased through their friend who is their agent in US. This agent would get rabbits from other US breeders and then import them to Malaysia. Interestingly, they even boast about their ability of getting their hands on rabbits from good breeders who may not have the intentions of selling or importing their rabbits overseas. I was really taken aback by what they told me.

Anyway, initially they told me that they can provide me with the updated pedigree. But later they told me that they will need to get the updated one from the original breeder in USA. So after much consideration, I decided to make the purchase while waiting for them to obtain the original/ updated pedigree. Well, it has been months since I had asked this rabbit businessman/women for the pedigree but they never give a definite answer. The last I approached them for the pedigree, they told me that there was no leg at all for my HL. They said IT WAS A MISTAKE and that they have not received the pedigree which had been sent from US. They told me that the original pedigree was missing! That was really lame. These businessman/ women is a CHEAT, A LIAR, and AN UNSCRUPULOUS in their dealings! I then decided to stop talking to them and want nothing to do with such people. There is no point talking to someone who has the intention of reaching their dirty hands into your pocket by ill means like lying and don't keep their word. Always beating around the bush.

I would prefer not to reveal the name of this rabbit businessman/women as I don't want to be seen as someone who is trying to bring others down or bad mouthing others. So, to my bunny friends out there, please be very careful when dealing with agents/breeders/rabbit sellers especially nowadays when there is a sudden increased in the numbers of rabbit breeders and importers. They sing the same song but their heart intend is different. So beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Golden Pines Rabbitry

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Kits

Pines' very 1st Holland Lop litter of the year came with 3 healthy baby rabbits and a peanut. Peanut is an underdeveloped kit that lack growth tissue due to the presence of 2 dwarf genes. A peanut never survives and would usually live for 2-3 days, rarely longer than a month.

Physically, a peanut is markedly smaller in size in comparison to a normal kit. It has a bulging skull, ears that are set further back and underdeveloped hindquarters. Besides, they are weak and listless.

For the past 3 days, we tried nursing it. We wanted it to wither away naturally for we had not the heart to put an end to its life. However, our effort was futile. We see it deteriorating day after day. In the end, the husbandman decided euthanasia to relieve little P's intractable suffering.

Holding little P in the palm, there was a pinch of sadness and a funny sourish feeling tugging and twisting in the heart to put an end that little life. Really, it was heart wrenching. But again, it was the best for little P and everyone at Pines. Therefore, Little P, R.I.P.

Comparing a healthy baby rabbit to a peanut

Monday, February 7, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Pines' very 1st HL kits are on the way!

KLANG VALLEY: Pines Rabbitry is looking forward to the safe delivery of their 1st litter from the Holland Lops which was brought in sometime end of last year.

For the past few days, Rachel the blue doe had been busy building her nest in preparation for the BIG day tomorrow. The husbandman is keeping his fingers crossed in anticipation for some pink wriggly CNY baby Holland Lops in the rabbitry within the next 36 hours. He is hoping that this litter would come with some nice Holland Lops.

So stay tune for updates of the first generation of Golden Pines’s Holland Lop.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Dessert

The year ends with a bunch of pretty decent Holland Lops of US bloodline arriving in Malaysia on a rainy Wednesday evening. Correction. A victorious soccer Wednesday which brought joy to the nation with the declaration of our PM for an additional public holiday on the last working day of the year. Thank you, Mr. PM! (It would be a bonus if CNY eve is a PH too) *wink*

Anyway,this shipment came just in time to celebrate the dawn of sparkling new year which brings new hopes, joys and dreams to our humble rabbittry.

Prior to the arrival of the rabbits, Pines husbandman meticulously set up the cages with mesh-wire flooring, feeder and all other stuffs that are necessary keep the rabbit comfortable after a long journey.

This is our checklist:
- 2ft Cages carefully lined with mesh-wire flooring so that the feet of the little ones will be comfortable...
- Litter-box
- Feeder
- Water bottle
- Timothy Hay
- Nutridrops

Here is a picture of the set up

Then we waited for our Holland Lops to touch down at 8.20pm.

At 9pm+ we reached the airport. It did not occur to us the many procedures to follow in order to pick-up the rabbits. It was a race against time for certain department closes at 11pm and failing to obtain a green light, you would not be able to proceed to the next level and have to go home empty handed. It is liken to a game, getting pass one level after another to emerge as a champion and the trophy is bringing home the rabbits! So even though we did not win $1,000,000,000.00 but at the end of the game, we could go home with our rabbits and it was worth the experience.

This is how the rabbits looked like in the shipping box. Mind you, the box is heavy.

Save and sound

A sweet ending for year 2010.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye 2010...

Four more days to kiss year 2010 goodbye and welcome a brand new year 2011. Looking back, 2010 has been a challenging year with its fair share of ups and downs but it has indeed equipped us with so much valuable "bunny lessons". This is the driving force that motivates us to improve Pines Rabbit for the year to come.

Here is a list of Pines Rabbit's new year resolution:

1) To breed stunning Holland Lops and contribute to the pool of QUALITY Holland Lops in Malaysia
2) To make new friends in this hobby
3) To acquire more knowledge about Holland Lops
4) To share our rabbit knowledge and experience with others and grow together
5) To rock MROA and participate in rabbit activities
Last but not least,
6) Support ethical breeding of our furry bun friends

At present, we are upgrading our rabbitry and are still waiting anxiously for our holland lop to reach Malaysia. If all is well, they should be here sometime this week. Below are some photos to share:

Blue otter Jr buck. like the cute package. Well can't really judge now. Just have to wait for his arrival.

Broken Opal Jr doe. Like the head and ear of this princess. Hopefuly she is nice.

And of course, Toto. He has not only just completed his molting cycle, he also just changed his title from junior to senior! However, his crown is still molting. It will be coming up nicely. Will update his photo later. But for now... meet Toto on his new litter box!

Happy New year to all!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An email to local breeders of pure breed rabbit

Dear rabbit breeders,

You must be surprised to receive this email from us. Firstly, allow us to introduce ourselves. Golden Pines Rabbitry is a small home-based rabbitry. We practice and support ethical rabbit breeding programs and also promote and educate others on responsible rabbit ownership. Of course, we breed rabbits as domestic pets and NOT to be ended up on a plate or a hot pot of yummy rabbit stew as someone else’s meal.

Our purpose is to establish a link among all local breeders to share expertise and experiences in raising rabbits in order to bring this hobby to higher levels as all of us are liken to a lone ranger at present. We work to breed quality rabbits in our own “secret lab”, trying to surpass each and other in offering nice rabbits to the local market. Some have taken the extra mile to import rabbits from overseas while a few have joined ARBA and have their rabbitry registered. This is a positive sign. Local breeders are now more educated about rabbits and are going for quality over quantity by breeding according to ARBA standard of perfection. Bravo!
We could foresee in the near future, there would be many nice and pure breed rabbits of good bloodline in Malaysia. Besides, we could keep our fingers crossed for more rabbit shows and events on our shore. Now isn’t that something?

Now, everyone has worked so hard and invested so much to bring in quality pure breeds to our shore. Surely we hope our efforts and investments would not go in vain. But to be able to produce quality rabbits and maintaining certain standards in the herd, bloodline itself cannot do the entire job. We need to have the knowledge and experiences to achieve such. Anyone could start a rabbitry but a lonely quest has its limit.

We consider Pines Rabbit a newbie. There are so many things about rabbit that dumbfound us at times. But if we have a platform to share our knowledge and experience, this would definitely benefit everyone. Besides, we could increase the market share by having more hobbyists and a larger pool of stocks to share or exchange in improving our herd. On top of that, we could abolish the present monopolized market. That hampers the emergence of a healthy competition. So we shall see how things progress. Or perhaps someone can take the first move to suggest how to proceed to the next step?

Last but not least, we hope you breeders could respond to this by providing a brief introduction of yourself and some information about your rabbitry.

Since we initiated this, so let us be the first to start.

As mentioned at the start, we are a small home-based rabbitry. We started with mix breeds and after gaining some experiences we now aim to focus on pure breeds and, for the time being, it would be raising pure Holland Lops. At present, we are upgrading our barn. Hopefully some nice Holland Lops will come our way. Then we can start trading with others to widen the Holland lop gene pool. By the way, we also blog about rabbit. So if you have time, please visit you will be able to see some of our rabbits and some information sharing there.

Thank you

Brandon & Grace